Maiden Voyage

by Thought Machine

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This is Thought Machine's first full length album. It was released in 08.08.2010 and was recorded in Sydney, Nova Scotia at Soundpark Studios.


released August 8, 2010

Parts of the Machine:
Brett Waye: Fretless Bass, Fretted Bass, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, Glockenspiel, Cogs.
Scott Maclean: Electric Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Levers.
Marc Langille: Electric Guitar, 6-String Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Switches.
Adam Wedgewood: Drums, Percussion, Buttons.

Produced by: Thought Machine and Jamie Foulds
Recorded and Mixed by: Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios, Sydney River, N.S.
All Music written by: Thought Machine
All Lyrics written by: Brett Waye
All Songs (C) 2010 Thought Machine Music SOCAN, BMI. Unauthorized reproduction of this audio recording is strictly prohibited.

Album Layout: Matthew Smith
All Artwork by: Kenzie Gunn
Photography by: Mallory Savoy, Justin Statton
Album Printed by: A/R Group International

Recorded from February to March 2010



all rights reserved


Thought Machine Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Four-Piece band that draws influences from the golden age of Progressive Rock, yet attempts to push the genre further into the modern era. Sometimes mellow, sometimes heavy, sometimes quiet, and sometimes loud; the band relies heavily on the use of complex time signatures, extended song lengths, and synthesizers to add color to their ever changing musical style. ... more

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Track Name: Gordian Knot I. The Binding

Tie that rope tight
So you just might
Hold on to me
Hold on to us...
Track Name: Gordian Knot II. Intricate Designs
II. Intricate Designs

The rope is ever long
It stretches beyond the dawn
It flows into our hearts, so strong
It keeps us bound to love, so long

We walk hand in hand
Moving through the land
With that intricate design holding us

This knot features
Intricate Designs
That keep us bound

We know that we can't
Go on forever
No knot can withstand the weight of the years
Track Name: Gordian Knot III. The Frayed End
III. The Frayed End

You couldn't untie the knot
So you trusted that sword
To loosen that gordian grip
That held together so strong

And the Frayed End
On the other shore
Shall remain untied

I still remember the day
When you cut that line
And left me here to rot
While you ruled your land

Hold on to me
Don't let me fall...
Track Name: Gordian Knot IV. Hold On (Reprise)
IV. Hold On (Reprise)

Hold on to life
Hold on to love
Hold on to me
Hold on to us

And maybe someday
We'll find that frayed wire
And we'll attempt to tie
It back together again...
Track Name: Chalk Lines

Why have we scribbled lines upon the ground?
When will we wash the pavement clean from these...

Chalk Lines
(Keeping us inside these)
(We need to reach beyond)

Why have we made our limits so small?
When will we have the courage to conquer these...

Drawing these prison bars around our minds
Keeping our hands tied so tight
Track Name: Persuasion

Northern wind, begin to blow
Show the sun the strength you hold
Closer now, the cloak is pulled
Tighter now, to shield the cold

Persuasion is a powerful thing.

Mighty sun, begin to shed
Shed that light upon his head
Wanderer, the heat is strong
Take a rest, the road is long
Track Name: The Fall of House Atreides

Arrakis bound,
travel to the spice-world,
our new home...

Harkonnen fleets advance
kill the Duke, and his men

Where will you hide
when they come for you and your son?

They will try to feed us to the worms
(We will walk without rhythm)
Thumper, please, please don't fail us now
(We will walk without rhythm)
We will travel to the Fremen lands
(We will walk without rhythm)
We will wait and build our army strong
(We will walk without rhythm)

Drink from the water of life
Until our eyes turn blue-in-blue
Track Name: The Season Unspoken

If my mind changes with her tree
Would you rake across me with the rest of the leaves?
When winter is lost, and spring is in bloom
And summer burns back into fall so soon
Will you speak of the one who lies in between?
That wonderful season, unspoken, unseen
For the ashes of time, the grinding of gears
May wither my mind, may burn all my tears
May freeze all my memory, and weaken my fears
Would you let me fade away like all her good years?

They say that once they've changed they can't go back
But seasons come and go, and come again...

I feel as if the winds could blow her leaves my way
But I can also feel the sun upon my shoulder saying
"Don't fade out..."
Track Name: Breathing Lessons

Down in the water
Down in the deep
We need to practice all of our breathing techniques

Breathing Lessons
Give us patience

Waves beat the rocks to sand
Like society on the modern man
The ocean turns a bitter green
While martyrs make their public scenes

And I won't pretend I can breathe
In waters that shift and heave
Pulled down by the undertow
Drowning in things we'll never know

Breathing Lessons
Give us patience
To be stronger
To last longer
Track Name: Young Guns

Young Guns.

When I was a boy I had a toy gun
My friends and I would play in the fields
We were young, and we would bend
Like the barley in the breeze

A few years later I got a real gun
My friends and I would play in the streets
We were young, and we would bend
Like a stop sign hit by a car

And when the flames of industry stung our foolish heads
We realized we've played too long
The match had been set
Now we are a nation
And we'll never quit
We'll make the loudest bang
The biggest hit
And we will crush them
To burning bits...

I only live to serve my country
A piece of land, but more to me
We'll instill fear in all our enemies
And pierce the heart of all who deny us

And when the clock strikes upon the hour
Of when the knife falls below the border
We'll sing the songs of our ascension
We'll reap the spoils of our invention

And when we beat them in this game
We'll challenge others to compete
And send them to their early graves
Ever marching on and on

Old Guns.
Track Name: Personal Gods

I feel it in the morning
It starts inside my head
Endless thoughts are ever streaming
And I can't stop them from
Making me believe that I'm the only one
But I know we're all a part of something bigger

We're trying
To give ourselves some meaning in this life
We're trying
To make our peace with our own gods

And if the only things we own
Are our thoughts, and bodies
And if the caged bird sings louder than the rest
Then I think I'll stay right here
In my selfish little shell
Where everything is right where I want it to be

It could be worse
I could be like the others
I could be sucked into the void
Where nothing hurts and it all just stays the same
Just boring, dull routine

Right here where I belong.
Track Name: Maiden Voyage (Storm of Being)

Call your boats
All your men
We set sail at dawn.

Far away
We will reach
For the shores of God.

For mankind's
Mark in time
We will touch beyond.

Far beyond this reef of war and pain
There lay all the riches
Of those tired sailors
Who dared to cross stormy seas
Or insignificance.

Be the one to break the mold.